For our very last session in Havana we bring together esteemed piano player Peruchín, conga player Otto Selis, Juan Carlos returns on drums and Zé Luis on sax. We play this improvised suite at the new Egrem Studios.

Trade Winds

Trade Winds began in 2014 as a series of music collaborations along the former Atlantic Trade routes.  Created and produced by bassist and composer Matt Geraghty and produced, engineered, mixed by Brazilian saxophonist Zé Luis, Trade Winds has brought together more than 250 artists in New Orleans, San Juan and Cuba to date.  Trade Winds was filmed and directed by NYC based filmmaker Laura Newman. The project resulted in a double album called Trade Winds Cuba featuring over 100 artists from Havana with featured artist Zé on sax and flute. Watch the full Cuba series

This session at Play Bach studios in San Juan, Puerto Rico features the sounds of the esteemed Quatro player Orlando Laureano and the formidable latin jazz pianist, composer, and arranger Luis Marin. Joined on percussion with Enrique el Peru and flautist Zé Luis, they call this "Granted Wish."

Trade Winds makes a stop in New Orleans with Kirk Joseph, a founding member of the Dirty Dozen Brass band, & George Porter drummer Terrence Houston on drums joining Matt at Chickie Wah Wah for a unique drum and bass, tuba session. They call this 'Zero Separation'.